Sundays, anemones and a sleeping rabbit…

IMG_2462 IMG_2466 IMG_2468 IMG_2471

Sundays are for sleeping in, breakfast out and catching up on the things that pass you by mid week while you aren’t looking. Today, for me, those things were flowers and drawing. Despite the cover of grey today, spring has begun to settle here in Copenhagen, her sunshine fingers planting themselves deep into the heart of the city. With her she brings an abundance of flowers; flowers which beg to be admired and eternalised on paper.

This afternoon, I sat down to quickly paint the anemones we bought for our home. These are my favourite flowers; their deep, intricate middles and wide, soft petals. They lend themselves so well to black inky lines and opaque colour (and I also threw in a Sunday bunny for good measure, couldn’t resist.)

My name is Emily Julia Naudi, I’m 23 years old, born in Sydney, Australia and living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hope you enjoy my first blog post. This blog is for documenting my art and illustration. Here you will find lots more flowers, washy colours, penciled lines, words strung together with invisible thread, childlike imagination seeping from paper and many, many bunnies.


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  1. Anemones are one of my favourite flowers! I love your illustration.


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