An Emily puzzle…


This afternoon, I set about writing the ‘About’ page of this website. It felt so odd sitting down with the task of summarising yourself, your art and your experiences into a few paragraphs when it has taken me 23 years of growing to become the way I am. I thought, I questioned and I typed.


For me, words belong with pictures, and pictures belong with words, so naturally after writing, I picked up my pencil to draw. The feelings of vulnerability I felt when writing about myself somewhat doubled when I took upon the task of drawing myself. How do you draw yourself in an honest light? Do you draw yourself honestly or do you show people the person you’d like to be? (Tempting… a me without the flaws, the freckles, that nose…) What needs to be in this image that will represent me and my art fully? Is that even possible!?

I’m not sure if I succeeded. I stuck with the freckles, I stuck with the nose, I stuck with my trusty bunny and I added a touch of a Copenhagen spring. This image is where I am now – an ever changing, ever incomplete puzzle. I hope it helps you understand a little more ‘about’ me.


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