The cats of Copenhagen (and home…)


I began to see myself as a ‘bunny lady’ about 4 years ago when my partner and I adopted a tiny, fluffy grey Netherland Dwarf rabbit who we named, Patter. He nuzzled his way into my heart and my art and never left. Before that though, I was always a ‘cat lady’ (and still am!) I have had cats in my life for as long as I can remember, to name them all would be a blog post in and of itself. In fact, my first words were ‘puss cat!’ So, since moving to Copenhagen I have very much missed the company of the four cats who are a part of my family at home in Sydney – Norah, Leo, Thomas and Humphrey.

When I heard that there was a cat cafe in Copenhagen I was somewhat ecstatic! Somewhere I can go to drink coffee AND feed my desire to cuddle a feline! Going to a cat cafe is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time as well, because for some reason the whole concept doesn’t seem to pass health and safety in Sydney… So today, I found myself drinking a ‘katte latte’ in Cafe Miaow.

Unfortunately, I was let down by the whole cat cafe experience. I hold hope that other cat cafes around the world would be much more exciting, but for me the one here in Copenhagen was overpriced and the cats so over cuddled that they really couldn’t be bothered to be concerned by   the homesick Australian girl and her boyfriend in the corner.

Nevertheless, we silently giggled at the absurdity of it all and inspiration struck. Here are two quick illustrations I completed this afternoon of two of my four at home, Humphrey and Leo. As you can see, Humphrey is a curly sleeper and Leo is a persistent eater. Drawing them at first was frustrating, it was hard to get them just right, but here they are and I’m feeling a little more cat-loved at last. IMG_2612



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