Words, pictures, play…

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Time has not been on my side when it comes to my art making. During me years at art school, time was for drawing and painting, but the work I produced felt more forced than natural. The work I produced helped shape my approach to making but, for the most part, it was more assessment than it was art. After graduating from COFA, I jumped straight into a Masters degree in early childhood teaching. I love teaching. Here I learnt, I thrived, I grew passionate… but, this degree leeched on my time. It didn’t take long for my mind to begin thinking in terms of references and text books rather than watercolours…

Two years later, I finished. Finally, time.

Sorry, I spoke too soon. That’s when we seriously started to save and plan for our move from Sydney to Copenhagen. The time I had yearned for as I poured over essays to paint, was quickly eaten up by extra work, extra packing…

And then we arrived in Copenhagen and after settling in, I had nothing but time. Nothing but time to paint and draw, but for some reason I just couldn’t get my mind to grasp hold of any inspiration. Painters block. In an effort to combat this I decided to play with words. In small bowls I housed tens of tiny notes with words scrawled onto them. I would pick a word from each bowl and then no matter what the combination, I would try to draw them. This exercise was like finding myself again, a key to the imagination. If you are reading this, suffering from a creative block, I suggest you give this trick a go. It worked for me.

On the 9th May, I will be exhibiting the resolved pieces which have come about because of my play with words at the Fritidscenter, Gersonsvej, Hellerup. The exhibition has been organised to invite the local community to engage with a variety of art practices and particularly, to invite children and young people to become inspired by art. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the day and if you’re reading this from Copenhagen, I’d like to invite you to come along too. Time will be on my side, I’ll be there all day to make art and make friends. Expect to find me in the company of sea snails wearing flower crowns, boys dancing with swans and chickens riding bicycles.



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