Danish Easter bunnies…

Easter, for me, has always been family, ravioli, cannoli, chocolate eggs and bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. Easter this year has been a little different. Sixteen thousand and sixty three kilometres away from home, my family and my easter bunny, Patter (see the cutie below) are feeling very much out of reach.


But, I’ve been able to enjoy a spring time Danish Easter and that has been something pretty special as well. Last night, I learnt about ‘gækkebrev’ a Danish Easter tradition in which people write each other anonymous poems and write them on paper cut outs. I spent yesterday evening creating a couple of these by candlelight and had a pretty fun time doing it. Then today, we visited Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød which was really incredible. This castle feels straight out of a fairytale! Plus, need I mention that today is flower Sunday and that meant daffodils! Luckily for me, Danish people love daffodils for Easter and so do I! Throw in some family chat over Skype (very early) Good Friday morning and an egg hunt in our new apartment and I have an almost complete Easter…

IMG_2687 IMG_2771 IMG_2691

The only thing missing is bunnies. So that’s what this blog post is for. Since coming to Copenhagen I have drawn a lot of bunnies, maybe because I miss Patter, maybe because I’ve become a little obsessive, either way I love them and Easter isn’t Easter without rabbits (no matter which side of the world I am on!) Earlier this week I posted about the cats of Copenhagen, now I present you with my bunnies of Copenhagen!

Happy Easter everybunny! I hope it’s been bright, magical (and chocolatey) for you all!

IMG_2663 IMG_2279 IMG_2666 IMG_2262 IMG_2259 IMG_1984 IMG_1956


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