The art of sharing art…

On the 9th of May I will be exhibiting my work as a part of a Big Art Day held for the community by the Hellerup Fritidscenter here in Copenhagen. The day is designed to share art with the local community and to inspire children and young people to become involved in a variety of art practices (see the poster below.)

hellerup poster

The thing that has me feeling so passionate about this group exhibition is the fact that it is being set up for the sake and beauty of sharing art with people. For so many, ‘art’ is inaccessible, too theoretical, too expensive… but why? When we share art we open a dialogue between artists and viewers about the world, our thoughts and imaginations. When we share art we create pieces of work which can speak for themselves, which can evoke memories and which can be transformed into precious treasures. One the reasons I set up this website was so I could share my art, present it the world and hope that the world found something in my drawings which spoke to it.

There is also something really special about making art for specific people, and this is what this blog post is mostly about. When an art work reflect how the artists sees a person or a situation and when the people involved feel strongly about the results, a magic is conjured. There is an art to sharing art so personally with people and I hope that over time I will continue to get better and better at this, because it is a truly special feeling.

Below are examples of works I have made for people, each with specific intents and goals. They include commissions, gifts, cards… paintings, collages, portraits… but regardless of from where they began or what they consist of, they each brought me so much joy in different ways. From celebrating a marriage to welcoming a new baby to saying ‘I love you,’ these artworks are each their own kind of magic. I hope you enjoy.


 IMG_1661IMG_2229 IMG_3009


IMG_8001 IMG_8035 IMG_9346



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