Store Kunstdag!


Two Saturdays ago now, on the 9th May, I participated in my first international exhibition! I had a wonderful day exhibiting my work alongside many other talented local and international artists in Hellerup, Copenhagen at the Fritidscenter as a part of their Store Kunstdag (Big Art Day!) Outside, Denmark brought to us grey clouds and rain, but inside the exhibition space their was a buzz of anxious excitement as we shared our creative work and began to build a small art community. It was lovely 🙂


(To the right my work was exhibited on walls, to the left I set up an art making space for children, an invitation to participate in my creative process and engage in the practical side of art-making too.)

I exhibited my most recent collection of works, ‘Word Play,’ which you can now view under my ‘Bodies of Work’ tab and purchase in my Etsy store. It is always an anxious experience sharing my art with others; what will they think? What if no one likes it? My space was small, my work petite and illustrative. Everything came across as very ‘sweet.’ I was a little nervous…


But I was delighted by the response I had on the day. Adults enjoyed my work, but it was the response I had from the littlest of guests which made my heart swell. Children stopped to peer closely at my work, they laughed, they spoke to others about it and they sat down to draw with me; participating in my own art process and tackling language barriers at the same time with an openness and willingness which makes me smile to think about. This was magic to me, and for no other reason, this alone made the day a huge success in my eyes!

IMG_3589 IMG_3588


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