A magic moment, a new beginning…


A horse drawn carriage, a twirl in the trees. He took my hand and we wandered into a clearing. We laid down our picnic rug and looked out into the trees of Klampenborg Dyrehavn. We’d found a quiet spot in the otherwise busy park and we stretched out our legs, enjoying the sun and the quiet, just us. We were celebrating five years of togetherness – laughing, eating, holding hands – when he noticed something in the trees ahead.

We stopped, we tip-toed slowly edging our way closer into the trees, we watched and we wondered. We were awed.

Just metres in front of us a doe had given birth to a tiny, wonderful baby. We watched her lick her fawn clean and we watched the baby raise its head. We watched as it pulled itself up onto its wobbly, crooked legs and take its first steps. We stood silently for such a long time, marvelling in the magic that is life, stuck in this Disney, fairytale moment, us and this perfect creation. No drawing I could have done could have perfectly illustrated the magic I witnessed that day.


Small moments that go unnoticed, full of such beauty.

New beginnings everyday.


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  1. mfryan says:

    What a wonderful experience!


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