A new start…

A lot has happened since I last posted on the blog. Since the exhibition, we lived our last few months in Copenhagen half excited to say “Hello” to Sydney again, half dreading leaving our new beloved home behind. When the day came to fly off on our last set of travels, those mixed emotions were only exaggerated more as we realised the next time we land in Denmark, we’d only be there four more days before boarding our next flight onto Australia.

We had a brilliant last month though. We flew from Copenhagen to England first, visiting family and enjoying the slow pace of country life. From their, we flew to Valetta, Malta, a country so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. It was the middle of winter, but the air was warmer than I’d felt in Denmark, perhaps all year, and the water was the most beautiful blue. Our time in Valetta was particularly special for me as I wandered the same streets my Grandparents did when they were growing up. I can’t wait to visit again. We left Valetta for Stockholm, another family stop-over which was far too short but really special none the less. From Sweden we ventured onto Reykjavik, Iceland and from the moment we boarded the plane, to the moment we landed, we enjoyed one of the most magical weeks of my life. I could write all day about how incredibly enchanted Iceland is, if you are reading this and even vaguely considering going, do it. It will change your life…

The thing about travelling though is that it is so inspiring. We saw some of the most incredible places, some of which I truly believe were magic. But the other thing about travelling is, that for us, it was always busy. There wasn’t the time to sit and draw everything I wanted to draw. So for now, here are some photos… I couldn’t have done such amazing places justice anyways.

From Iceland we flew back to Copenhagen for a whirlwind few days of goodbyes and longing. We keep telling ourselves we will be back, and we will. Copenhagen is in our hearts now and I miss her everyday.



We arrived home in Sydney on Christmas Eve and since then life is yet to slow down. We surprised our family and friends, we moved into a new apartment in a new part of the city, we’ve explored, we’ve started new jobs, we’ve had an engagement party, we were reunited with our bunny, Patter, we’ve begun planning our wedding… Coming home to Sydney was like a warm hug as we grieved our Danish lives. She is secure and familiar and our love for her grows steadily and comfortably. We will be ok.

In amongst all of the mixed emotions and the lists of things to do, we are beginning to settle and I’m slowly, slowly finding my feet again and beginning to find time to make art. Perhaps that was one of my favourite things about Copenhagen, being an artist again. Exhibiting twice, making more work than I think I did even in art school. I will find the balance again here, I’m sure. But for now, I’m reviving this little, humble blog to keep me motivated. Let’s start from the beginning again.

IMG_6750FullSizeRender (3)IMG_6929IMG_6933 (1)




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  1. Congrats to you on making it through all these changes and all the energy they require. And enjoying all the travels along the way. I didn’t know about Iceland – I will remember your advice. Really lovely photos and lovely work. 🙂


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