Take two…

In my last blog post, I wrote how I hoped to keep painting after my Danish year away from home… Somehow, as life does, everything seemed to get in the way (namely, planning a wedding and starting proper full time work.) A whole year passed and not much art was made. But, on the other hand we set up a home, planned an amazing wedding, got married and I grew and learnt as a teacher. This year, life has thrown more curve balls my way but I’m trying to refocus and paint away my worries… So here I am again, take two ๐Ÿ™‚

Take two includes more blog posts, a new Facebook page (Emily Julia Illustration,) an Instagram account to follow (@emilyjuliaillustration,) the revival of my Etsy store and hopefully some new bodies of work (one step at a time though…)

My wedding flowers were a huge part of my wedding and I have finally had time to sit down an eternalise them in paint. I really enjoyed the process of creating this piece, it was special 6 months later thinking about the details of such a happy day and the act of painting such soft petals felt therapeutic. I’m really pleased with this work and am hoping this painting is the start of something new, a fresh start…



If you’d like to commission a piece based on your own beautiful blooms, please contact me for enquiries (or maybe you’d like to order an illustration for your partner, did you know traditionally paper is the gift to give on your 1 year anniversary?) Promise these flowers won’t wilt ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. phppi says:

    Truly beautiful photographs


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